Night sprint results

Kristine Fjellanger and Øystein Kvaal Østerbø win the night sprint.

Many runners struggled to find the fastest routechoices - but still the night sprint got just as tight and exciting as we were hoping for. In women's course Kristine Fjellanger (Varegg) had a really strong start of the race, leaving most of the other runners behind. Galina Vinogradova, competing for the Russian National Team, could nearly keep up the pace, and in the end did nearly catch up to Fjellanger after a very strong finish.

The men's class was won by Øystein Kvaal Østerbø (Bækkelaget), 9 seconds ahead of Frederic Tranchand from France (Paimion Rasti). This class was really tight, with the best 11 runners within half a minute.

Results, split-times, maps, and SPAS can be found at the "Maps and results" page. Make sure to add your route choices to SPAS for the best possible analysis. Below are some split time illustrations showing where the athletes lost most time and how the race was decided. Use SPAS to understand the route choice mistakes.

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