Nurmi and Westergård win Bergen Sprint Camp 2017

Kirsi Nurmi finished just ahead of Kristine Fjellanger after an exciting final leg. Håkon Westergård managed to get an impressive lead before the last couple of legs, and finished with the best race time today, almost 20 seconds ahead of number two.

Overall results women:
  1. Kirsi Nurmi, IFK Göteborg
  2. Kristine Fjellanger, NTNUI
  3. Galina Vinogradova, Galina (CSKA)
  4. Rahel Rüedlinger-Friederich, Leksands OK
  5. Anine Lome, Hamar OK
  6. Lone Brochmann, Bækkelagets SK
  7. Emilie Westli Andersen, Løten o-lag

Overall results men:
  1. Håkon Jarvis Westergård, Järla Orientering
  2. Miika Suominen, Rajamaen Rykmentti
  3. Jon Aukrust Osmoen, NTNUI
  4. Andreas Rüedlinger, Halden SK
  5. Vegard Jarvis Westergård, Halden SK
  6. Olai Stensland Lillevold, NTNUI
  7. Philipp von Arx, NTNUI
The complete overall results and maps from all races are available here.

Race Analysis
All athletes are encouraged to enter their routes in SPAS to facilitate race analysis:

Other material from Bergen Sprint Camp

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