Urb-O Sprint: Mari Fasting and Gaute Hallan Steiwer fastest

Mari Fasting and Gaute Hallan Steiwer had the best speed in today's Urb-o Sprint. Hallan Steiwer won 4 of 5 loops - while Fasting won 3 of 5 loops. 

Updated with overall results after Urb-O sprint.

Other loop winners were Gabija Razaityte, Kine Hallan Steiwer and Trond Einar Moen Pedersli. Did the international guests save the power for tomorrow?

The popular Urb-o Sprint brought a lot of action - below is a video from one of Eva Jurenikova's loops. Results and maps from the Urb-o Sprint are available at the results and maps page.

Overall results after Urb-O  are found here.

The usual SPAS analysis for the Urb-o Sprint will be available late tonight. For now you can enjoy slides with routechoices and lengths from today's Urb-o Sprint.

Remember to enter your route choices in SPAS for the city sprint before dinner (Men / Women)!

Start lists for tomorrow will be available at 22:30 tonight.

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