Bysprint: Vinogradova, Pedersli and Steiwer

Gaute Hallan Steiwer and Trond Einar Moen Pedersli took a shared victory in the men's class while last year's overall BSC winner Galina Vinogradova won the women's race. Another day with tricky orienteering - but today the winners were a bit closer to a perfect race than yesterday.

Results, split times, overall results, maps, GPS-tracking and SPAS analysis from today's race is available under "Results and Maps". SPAS is now updated with split times - please add your routes so that we have what we need for the analysis tonight  (Men / Women)!

In the overall Yannick Michiels has built up a clear lead ahead of Scott Fraser in the men's class, whereas Galina Vinogradova and Anne Johanne Lind share the lead after each taking one win and one second place.

Unofficial overall results

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